JKAT Jewelry, based in Chicago, Illinois, is owned and operated by Joni Kat Anderson and Matthew Cohen. JKAT creates designer sterling silver jewelry with a bold city style.

Joni and Matthew design each JKAT silver piece as well as the finished jewelry. Every silver piece is a work of art sculpted by Joni in wax, giving her personal touch to each design.

Joni grew up in Malibu, CA surrounded by a family of accomplished artists. She learned early on how to express herself through art from her father, who was a special make up effects artist for feature films. Joni's credits include sculpting and creating special make-up effects on the films Backdraft and Dead Presidents. In July of 2008 Joni worked on Academy Award winner David Leroy Anderson's crew, sculpting and creating special make-up effects for Ron Howard's feature film "Angels & Demons".

Matthew, a native Chicagoan, is a songwriter and recording artist with a background in science. While attaining a degree in Cognitive Science at UCLA, Matthew worked on software design and became interested in digital graphic design. As Artistic Director of JKAT, Matthew utilizes both his computer skills and his artistic vision to develop a truly unique presence for JKAT.

Matthew and Joni met while both attending UCLA and upon graduation relocated to Chicago. It was there that JKAT was born. By combining Joni and Matthew's talents, JKAT is creating a modern vision of what a company can be. We make quality jewelry with our own perspective on fashion and we do it in our own studio right here in Chicago. We always have total control over everything we put out, so you know you're always getting pure JKAT.

Owning a piece of JKAT allows you to have the beauty of modern sculpture and design in your everyday life. Clean lines, a great feel, and a style that is unmistakably JKAT.